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DIY Kit Make your original drive a new external! Upgrade your MacBook, MacBookPro, or Mac mini with a bigger, faster, and better drive and use your original drive in a new external! OWC DIY Kits make drive upgrades easy!
  • Faster, Quieter, and/or Higher Capacity Internal Drive
  • 5 Piece Installation Tool Kit
  • Bus-Powered Enclosure for your existing Drive
  • Upgrades for MacBook, MacBookPro, and Mac mini
Complete Bundles with up to 1.5TB from $59.00
1.0TB SSD/HD Hybrid from $95.00 1.0TB 5400RPM from $75.00 1.0TB 7200RPM from $97.50
120GB Solid State Drive from $85.00 240GB Solid State Drive from $147.00 480GB Solid State Drive from $283.00
Complete Kits – Everything You Need for your Upgrade + turning that existing drive into a
bus-powered external for continued use for backup, additional data storage, etc, etc!
View All DIY Kits
Internal Storage Shipped fast & expertly packaged for safe delivery!
Ideal for RAID Applications
$289.99 now $175.00
Toshiba HDD 5.0TB Performance Desktop HDD
Energy-Efficient Storage
From $379.99 $239.00
Seagate HDD 6.0TB Desktop DAS / NAS HDD
2 Year Seagate Factory Warranty
Only $327.99
OWC knows you shouldn't need to use the Manufacturer's warranty on a brand new drive. Should your new drive experience issues within 90 days, OWC will replace it with a brand new drive from our stock instead!
More Featured
3.5" Hard Drives
Including 1.0TB for $59.00
Our Full Selection
of Drives now up to 6.0TB
Starting at $49.79
Notebook 2.5" Drives
Now from $35.00 and
1.0TB from as low as $64.99!
Add a 2nd drive to your Mac
MacPro Data Doubler Kits OWC Data Doubler Kits
for MacBook &
Only $64.99 $35.00
for Mac mini
2009 to Current
From $64.99 $27.00
Mac mini Data Doubler Kits
Data Doubler Free Step-By-Step OWC Videos "Awesome & Easy Upgrade Solution" "Being a newbie to Macs, I was a bit wary of this DIY kit for adding an extra HDD. But it all went smoothly. All the tools were included in the kit & instructions were easy to read. My new SSD drive went in without a drama..." OWC DIY Installation Kit for Mac mini
5 stars — OWC Customer
OWC Drive Tray 2.5" OWC Drive Tray for 3.5" Bay MacPro (2009-2012) For all Serial ATA/SAS
2.5" SSD & Notebook Drives
Only $29.99 $19.79
OWC Data Doubler iMac Drive Upgrade Kits For 2009 to the Latest! Upgrade to a Larger Hard Drive,
Add up to two SSDs, & More Complete Kits with ALL Tools
Starting from $59.95 only $29.50!
NewerTech AdaptaDrive NewerTech AdaptaDrive Conversion Bracket Use 2.5" drive in 3.5” drive bays.
Perfect for all MacPro models.
From $24.99 $14.79
Add a 2nd Hard Drive or SSD. Now up to 3.0TB Internal Capacity! More Storage, RAID, Backup, Fusion, Multiple Boot, etc – Flexibility & New Capability made easy! See site for special bundles w/drives for even more savings! NuGuard KX NuGuard KXs screen protectors provide incredible scratch, shatter, and impact protection all at a price you'd pay for just a basic screen cover!
hammer test hail and rocks random projectiles
Screen Armor See KXs in action:
Gravel Hammer
"I just installed a KX Screen Armor cover on my new iPhone, and now have a new favorite...The blue lint remover worked great; I used it on the screen before installation, and did not need to remove any lint later. This cover looks and feels very nice, offers better protection, and I recommend it to anyone protecting their iPhone screen."
5 stars — OWC Customer
NuGuardKXs Get your KXs
screen armor today!
All this protection at the price of
standard screen protectors.
from $19.99 $9.99! for iPad, iPhone, and Galaxy S4
KXS Armor + KX Case   NuGuardKXcases Get massive protection in a thin and light case design. 30-Day Money Back!
KX for iPhone 5/5S or 4/4S for iPhone 5/5S or 4/4S From $29.00 Available colors: Avail colors "Great Case" 5 stars Quote KX for iPhone 5C for iPhone 5C From $25.00 Available colors: Avail colors "Best Case Yet" 5 stars Quote KX for Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Available for Samsung Galaxy S4 Only $25.00 "Very good" 5 stars Quote KX for iPad Air or mini for iPad mini Only $39.00 KX for iPad Air Only $47.50 "Great protection for small size" 5 stars Quote
hammer test KXs is hammer tough! 20 ft drop 20-foot drop survival with KX! Down the Stairs See Air survive the stairs!
LightningCables Premium Lightning Cables Long lasting, braided cables made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod – lightning cables in 0.5M, 1.0M, 2.0M, and 3.0M lengths with an amazing 5 year limited warranty. from $14.99 $10.79 "This cable is above and beyond what I was expecting. The braided rope-like cable is very durable...It worked without any problems and the length is just perfect."
5 stars — OWC Customer
OWC On-The-Go OWC Mercury On-The-Go FireWire 800+USB 3.0 / USB 3.0 Pocket-sized. Shock-resistant. Bus-powered.
High-speed up to over 400MB/s sustained!
500GB to 1.5TB from $77.00
1.0TB 7200RPM USB 3.0 $129.99 $117.00
OWC ElitePro mini OWC Mercury ElitePro mini FireWire 800+USB 3.0 / USB 3.0 / USB 3.0+eSATA Sleek. Rugged. Bus-powered. Pocket-size.
High-speed up to over 400MB/s sustained!
500GB to 2.0TB from $79.50 2.0TB USB 3.0 $179.99 $165.00 for Readers
OWC On-The-Go OWC Mercury ElitePro FireWire 800+USB 3.0 'SuperSpeed' Quality. Speed. Flexibility. 1.0TB to 5.0TB from $139.50 4.0TB 7200RPM $329.99 $269.00 for Readers Mercury ElitePro Dual TB OWC Mercury ElitePro Dual
Thunderbolt+USB 3.0
User selectable RAID 0, 1, JBOD.
Daisy-chainable. Up to 389MB/s!
Up to 10.0TB from $249.00
Qx2 OWC Mercury Qx2 FireWire 800+USB 3.0+USB 2.0+eSATA Hardware RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, SPAN, Independent.
High-capacity. Redundancy. Performance.
Now up to 24.0TB from $249.00 12.0TB 7200RPM $869.99 $797.00 for Readers
NewerTech MAXimus NewerTech Guardian MAXimus FireWire 800+USB 3.0+eSATA High-performance Hardware RAID 1 (Mirrored)
Data Redundant Solultion
Up to 5.0TB+5.0TB from $225.00
NewerTech miniStack miniStack FireWire 800+USB 3.0+eSATA 1.0TB to 5.0TB 1.0TB $159.99 now $139.00 NewerTech miniStack NewerTech miniStack FireWire 800+USB 2.0 1.0TB to 4.0TB From $119.99 $109.50 NewerTech miniStack MAX miniStack MAX FireWire 800USB 3.0+eSATA 1.0TB to 5.0TB 1.0TB + Blu-ray/DVD/CD RW
$319.99 now only $299.00
Laptop Accessories
NuGuard Keyboard Cover NewerTech NuGuard Keyboard Cover Featuring a silky smooth surface texture for the fastest touch typing possible. Protects against key wear, food, dust and hair clogging. Easy to clean too, just peel up from the keyboard, rinse under water, and dry. Available in a variety of colors. Add Personal Style & Protection to Your MacBook, MacBookPro or MacBook Air! From $17.99 $9.97!
NuGuard Snap-Ons NewerTech
NuGuard Snap-Ons
Add Color, Personality and Protection to your MacBook Air or Retina!
Multiple color options available!
From $39.95 $17.99
CyberPower Inverter Charge/Power Laptops
and iDevices On the Road
This mobile power inverter plugs into 12v outlets in cars, trucks, or planes to provide power via 2 power outlets and 1 USB port. $59.95 only $21.75
for readers!
NuPowerBatteries NuPower For Apple Laptops
from $59.99
OWC Memory OWC Memory
MacPro For MacPro 2009-2014 Models up to 128GB!
16.0GB from $164.00
32.0GB from $319.00
64.0GB from $725.00
iMacs For iMacs Up to 32.0GB Max
16.0GB Kits from $199.00
32.0GB Kits from $397.50
8.0GB Kits from $99.75
Macmini For Mac mini Up to 16.0GB Max
16.0GB Kits from $199.00
12.0GB Kits from $143.50
8.0GB Kits from $99.75
iMacs For MacBookPro & MacBook Up to 16.0GB Max
16.0GB Kits from $199.00
12.0GB Kits from $143.50
8.0GB Kits from $99.75
OWC Memory Selector Archve and Share by Disc Whether loading new software, sharing Video, Watching & Archiving, etc –
Adding an optical drive is easy from OWC!
OWC MercuryPro OWC MercuryPro OWC MercuryPro Now $199.99 $165.00 or $329.99 $212.50 with
Toast 11 Titanium w/HD Plug-in
OWC Slim Bus-Powered OWC Slim Bus-Powered Great for Home, Office, & On The Go!
Reads & Writes Blu-ray, DVD, & CDs
Up to 50GB per Disc – Now $119.99 $79.00
or $249.99 $119.00 with
Toast 11 Titanium w/HD Plug-in
All OWC Mercury and Slim Externals include full versions of Prosoft Data Backup 3
and Smile On Mac Disc Labeling Software – a combined $84.95 retail value!
UsedMacSavings A Great Selection of Used iMac Models Available Now! Free shipping, OWC certified + OWC warranty! iMacs Used iMac Models from $139.00 Getting a new Apple is great, but saving money on a great used Apple from OWC can be even better! UsedMacsChecks
MacBookAir MacBook Air i5 1.7GHz 13" with Thunderbolt! Now from $555.00
4GB Ram, 128GB to 480GB SSD + with AppleCare Warranty through December!
Mac mini
Mac Pro
MacBook Air
MacBook Pro
See our largest ever selection of Used Macs including MacPro,
MacBook Air, MacBookPro, iMac + iPads & Displays – Online here!
OWC ThunderBay IV
OWC ThunderBay 4 – 4 drive bays for hard drives or SSDs
– Dual 20Gb/s Thunderbolt 2 ports
– JBOD + RAID Ready
– Blazing speed of up to 1,342MB/s
Plug and play solutions
Now up to 24.0TB from $695.00
0GB add your own drives $449.00
12.0TB 7200RPM $1,029.99 for $959.00 OWC ThunderBay IV 1 meter Thunderbolt cable included
OWC ThunderBay 4 Gallry OWC ThunderBay 4 Revws Three ThunderBays achieve nearly 4,000MB/s with a Mac Pro! Thunderstruck Thunderbolt
Thunderbolt Hard Drives Thunderbolt Bus-Powered
Hard Drives 1.0TB and 2.0TB
From $229.99 only $158.75
Thunderbolt SSDs Thunderbolt Bus-Powered
SSD up to 512GB
Now from $299.99!
Thunderbolt Cables 0.5M and
up to 30 Meters (100 Feet!)
From $26.79
Thunderbolt Docks One Thunderbolt port to multiple USB 3.0,
FireWire, HDMI, Ethernet, Audio, etc.
Now from $197.99
Dedicated Thunderbolt Adapters to FireWire 800 and eSATA From $35.99 External Drives and Enclosures
up to 8 Bays
From $158.75
ElitePro Dual-Drive Thunderbolt RAID Sustained Data Rates up to 389MB/s!
Fast, Flexible RAID 0 / 1 / SPAN / Independent!
Up to 10.0TB from $249.00
ElitePro Dual Thunderbolt
  See these and more for Thunderbolt   FasterMac
OWCSSDAdvantage SSD Guide
OWC Mercury Electra 6G SSD Designed to unleash the full Serial ATA 6Gb/s capabilities of 2011 and later iMac, Mac mini, and MacBookPro Apple models.
120GB $119.99 $77.00
240GB $194.99 $139.00
480GB $359.99 $279.00
OWC Mercury Electra 3G SSD Created to provide the maximum performance for MacBook, MacBookPro, Mac mini, and iMacs from 2010 and prior. Also great for newer Macs too.
120GB $109.99 $75.00
240GB $184.99 $138.00
480GB $349.99 $275.00
960GB $749.99 $629.00
OWC Aura
OWC Aura / Aura Pro SSDs
for Air
120GB from $99.95 $95.00
240GB from $179.99 $159.00
480GB from $299.99 $299.00
OWC Aura / Aura Pro SSDs
for Retina
240GB from $179.99 $159.00
480GB from $299.99 $299.00
Complete kits with: installation tools + envoy enclosure for reusing the original drive from $119.00
Mercury Accelsior OWC Mercury
Accelsior PCIe SSD
Built for the most demanding needs of video,
audio, and creativepros.
480GB now $499.00! See all models 120GB to 960GB
From $279.00
Sapphire HD Sapphire HD 7950
Graphics Card
Mac Edition video card supercharges Photoshop,
GPU based tasks, and more!
Up to 7x faster vs GT120 standard in most 2009 MacPro models Up to 1.9x faster vs 5770 standard in most 2010/2012 MacPro models $457.50 for Readers!
Essential Accessories
Power2u NewerTech Power2U Power2U is the convenient and energy-efficient in-wall solution for powering and charging USB devices.

– No "plug barriers"
– Accessible AC/USB integrated design
– Charge up to 4 devices simultaneously
Choose from four designer colors – as low as $29.95 $19.50 each! Power2u Reviews
USB Cables Premium
Lightning Cables
Long Lasting, Braided Design
Made for the iPhone – Apple Approved
5 Year Warranty by NewerTech
0.5M, 1.0M, 2.0M, 3.0M
Multiple color options available!
From $14.99 $10.79
Snuglet NewerTech Snuglet Helps prevent accidental disconnection of MagSafe 2 connections. Installs quickly, stays installed, & is easy to remove. Only $19.00 $15.98
for Readers!
Includes 2 Snuglets + 1 Removal Tool
USB drives Ultra Compact
Thumb Sized Flash Storage
8GB to 128GB 16GB now $24.99 $10.75!
Power Adapters Genuine Apple
Power Adapters
From $19.00 $16.00
Cleaning System Bausch + Lomb
Clens Cleaning System
Clens tissues, spray & polishing cloth provide streak-free cleaning for multi-touch display Apple products. Now from $5.74! Over 50% off!
Matias One Keyboard Only $99.95 $34.79
mini DVI Connect displays
via mini-DVI
with NewerTech mini-DVI to DVI, HDMI, and VGA cables From $10.79 up to 52
Mini Display Port Connect Displays to
Mini DisplayPort on Macs
Mini DisplayPort to
From $11.85 up to 53
Apple MagSafe and MagSafe2 Apple Genuine
45W / 60W / 85W
MagSafe & MagSafe 2
for compatible Macs
85W starting at
$79.00 $59.50
Start Your Project Off With the Right Tools
NewerTech 14-Piece Toolkit NewerTech 14-Piece
Portable Toolkit
Ideal for the technician on the go.
$19.95 only $15.75
Need more "spudgers"?
A 2-piece set is only $.99
OWC iMac Service Kit OWC servicing kit
for iMac 2008-current
Kit includes 2 suction cups, 14-piece toolkit, cleaning cloth, pick, andOEM adhesive strips. Only $29.99 $25.00
for Readers!
See more tool kits @ OWC from $0.99
NewerTech Nylon Tool NewerTech
Nylon Probe Tool
Similar to the tool used by Apple technicians to aid in disassembly without damaging or scratching any other component. $3.95 only $1.47
Latest Specls Quality produts, expert support, fast processing
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