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Great Deals on Used Mac
MacBookAir13 MacBook Air 13" 2012
with 8GB RAM
Starting at $575.00
MacBookAir11 MacBook Air 11" 2011
with 4GB RAM
Starting at $475.00
PreOwnediMac Great Buy! Apple iMac 3.06GHz 21.5" now $529.00
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OWC Memory Get the Right Memory Every time – Easy, Online Guide
+ Free Easy Installation Videos too!
8GB Kit 4GB x 2 For all MacBook Pro 13", 15", & 17" 2008/2009/2010 'Unibody' models; all MacBook 13" Unibody; Mac mini 2009 & later; iMac 2009. $69.75 16GB Kit 8GB x 2 For 2011 MacBook Pro, Mid 2010-2011 27" iMac Core i5/ i7, Mid 2011 Mac mini Core i5/i7 models. $125.00
16GB Kit 8GB x 2 For Mac mini 2010, MacBook 2010, & MacBook Pro 13" 2010 models. $125.00 16GB Kit 8GB x 2 For iMac 2011-2015 models, non-Retina display 2012 MacBook Pro 13" & 15" models. $127.50
Find Memory for Your Mac — All OWC Memory Options
iMac memory Up to 32GB
for Apple iMac
Mini memory Up to 16GB
for Apple Mac mini
MacBook memory Up to 16GB
for Apple MacBook &
MacPro memory Up to 128GB
for Apple MacPro
Save More, Get Rebate for Existing Memory!
SuperCharge Your Mac With an OWC SSD Make the right SSD choice for your Mac. Designed first for Mac – No hacks – Great support & easy to install.
OWCssd Our most popular SSD! OWC Mercury Electra 6G SSD • Powerful Processor for Real-world Speed
• Over 500MB/s peak sustained data rates
• Great for Notebooks/Laptops
• Same Award-Winning Reliability & Support
Up to 1.0TB starting from $46.25
The Right Super Speed Upgrade for Nearly Any Mac – minis, MacPro, MacBooks, iMacs – Even PowerMacs & Power Books.
120GB from $69.75 240GB from $117.50 480GB from $217.00 60GB-2.0TB from $44.50
Easy-to-follow guides, 24/7 support, and free installation videos. Don't wait – go for a thrill ride on us, and see how fast your Mac can be with an OWC SSD! 30-Day money back guarantee.   Laptop Accessories
Portable Optical Drives Add a high performance USB optical drive to any computer. From $59.95 $39.00 OnTheGoKit OWC Mercury On-The-Go USB 3.0 USB 3.0 portable, bus-powered enclosures for Mac & PC High-speed, supports over 400MB/s for Serial-ATA SSDs & HDDs. Tough, shock-resistant & pocket-sized. Now $47.99 Only $24.00! Save 50% See full Selection of 2.5" Kits
from $14.75
NuPowerBatteries NewerTech NuPower
Laptop Batteries
Rigorously tested to ensure your battery upgrade is long-lasting and a perfect fit. For Apple Laptops
from $57.00
USB Hubs USB Hubs Expand your USB connectivity with a hub perfect for any workflow. From $12.99 $7.00 NuGuard Keyboard Cover NewerTech NuGuard
Keyboard Covers
Add style with comfort and protect against dust, dirt, and spills. Available in 11 vibrant colors. From $17.99 $4.74
NewerTech Snuglet Snuglet for MagSafe 2 The NewerTech Snuglet helps prevent accidental MagSafe 2 disconnection. Includes 2 Snuglets + 1 Removal Tool. Only $19.99 $17.50 Apple 45 watt MagSafe MagSafe & MagSafe 2 Genuine Adapters For your Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBookPro, and Retina 45W / 60W / 85W
New from $79 $59.00
NuGuard Snap-On Covers NewerTech NuGuard
Snap-On Covers
Add color, personality and protection to your MacBook Air or Retina! Multiple color options available! From $39.95 $12.50
Back to School Essentials
Elgato Smart Key Macessity LapTuk Pro Stylish LCD display stand, laptop, keyboard and tablet storage system with USB 3.0 ports. Now $99.99 $89.00 PhoneSoap
Universal Charger & UV Sanitizer
Keep your iPhone and other phones germ free. Now $59.95 $57.99
Mountie Ten One Design Mountie Clip Your iDevice to your MacBook or iMac. Swappable rubber grips attach to your display for a gentle, secure hold. Now $24.95 $22.49
Griffin Stand Griffin Elevator Stand for Portable Computers Lift your laptop to a comfortable viewing height and reclaim your desktop. Only $39.99 $25.00
Save OVER 37%!
NewerTech NuGuard KX NuGuard KX Cases Massive protection in a thin and light case design. KX cases are engineered to absorb and evenly distribute kinetic energy from impacts and drops. Cases from $49.99 $7.74 USB Cables Premium
Lightning Cables
Long-lasting, braided design. Made for iPhone & Apple approved. 5 Year NewerTech warranty.
0.5M, 1.0M, 2.0M, 3.0M
From $17.95 $11.99
Scosche Scosche
boomSTREAM mini
Wirelessly works with all Bluetooth A2DP streaming audio devices. 3.5mm audio port for use with virtually any portable media player. Now $74.99 $23.50
Edimax Edimax 802.11AC
nano-Size USB to 5GHz Wireless
Up to 450Mb/s for Mac & PC Only $39.00 $21.00
Targus Backpacks Targus Backpacks Extended compartment space to fit your laptop, iPad, waterbottle, books, notebooks, and more. Expect the unexpected, pack right! From $39.99 Just $14.99!
Macally Slim Keyboard Ultra Slim Keyboard Macally USB 2.0 Slim Keyboard features low profile scissor keys reduces key stroke travel distances and eases pressure on your finger tips. Only $34.99 FUZ Designs FUZ Designs EverDock
Charging Docks
Effortless, elegant, universal dock for virtually all phones & tablets! Aircraft crade aluminum – single & dual dock models. From $49.99 $42.99
My Innoventure
Be a Headcase
Bottle and can opener case for Apple iPhone 4/4S. Free bottle opener App counts the bottles tops and cans you pop, etc. when you open a bottle or can with your phone case! Only $24.99 $1.99
Belkin Surge Protector Belkin 6-Outlet
Surge Protector
3-line AC surge protection with 15 Amp, 330-volt capacity with 2' heavy-duty power cord. Only $40.99 $9.49
Save OVER 75%!
Pebble Laser Mouse 3 Button 800dpi USB Laser Mouse With a precision laser sensor of 800 dpi, the Macally Pebble offers twice the level of accuracy of a stanard optical mouse. Only $17.50 Elgato Avea Elgato Avea
Dynamic Mood Light
Control directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with iOS 7.1 or later. Only $39.95 $32.75
External Drives and Enclosures
On-The-Go ProOWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro USB 3.0 & FireWire 800 | USB 3.0 500GB to 2.0TB from $72.50 NewerTech Voyager NewerTech Voyager NewerTech Voyager 'Q' FW800-USB 3.0/2.0-eSATA
$89.99 $72.99
'S3' USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
$49.95 $29.75
Envoy Pro mini Envoy Pro mini Full-sized, fast USB 3.0 SSD storage that fits in your pocket. Up to 240GB with sustained speeds up to 427MB/s! 120GB for $199.99 $119.00
240GB for $299.99 $199.00
NewerTech miniStack miniStack FireWire 800+USB 3.0+eSATA 1.0TB to 6.0TB from $135.00 5.0TB Now $379.99 $299.00 NewerTech miniStack miniStack Classic FireWire 800+USB 2.0 500GB to 5.0TB from $92.50 1.0TB Now $119.99 $97.74! NewerTech miniStack MAX miniStack MAX One solution that does more! FireWire 800, USB 3.0+Hub, eSATA, CardReader + Available Built-in Optical Drive Up to 6.0TB from $157.50 5.0TB with Blu-ray – $379.00
Dynamic Duo! Harness the connection power of the ATTO ExpressSAS H680 in the OWC Mercury Rack Pro for high-speed 6Gb/s performance at 600MB/s per port. ATTO ExpressSAS H680 now $367.00 OWC Mercury Rack Pro kit now $348.00
  Thunderbolt Central  
Thunderbolt Cables Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt / USB 3.0 Transfer digital content faster, simplify connections between devices, maintain compatibility with nearly any device and enjoy new ways to use portable storage. All while on the move! 1.0TB $269.99 $149.00
2.0TB now $249.00!
Cables included – Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 cables in the box.
ThunderBay 4 and ThunderBay 4 mini OWC ThunderBay 4 Dual Thunderbolt 2 / 4 Drive Bays Up to 32.0TB from $399.00 OWC ThunderBoy 4 mini Sustained speeds up to 1346 MB/s Up to 8.0TB from $338.00 Thunderbolt 2 Dock OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock 12 ports of connectivity including Ultra-HD 4K and multiple display support! USB 3.0 + Thunderbolt 2 + FireWire 800 + HDMI + Gigabit Ethernet + Audio In & Out! Only $259 $229.00 Elite Pro Dual Thunderbolt OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual
Thunderbolt x 2 + USB 3.0
High-performance, plug-and-play
RAID-0, RAID-1, JBOD/Independent with production-grade speed and capacity! Great for audio/video, photography, and backup too!
Up to 12.0TB from $245.00
6.0TB now $599.99 $479.00!
OWC Premium Thunderbolt Cables Liberate your workflow with data transfer speeds up to 20Gb/s, and experience the high performance capabilities of your Thunderbolt-equipped devices. Up to 3.0M from $25.79 Available in black, red, blue, and green! Thunderbolt Cables
Gaming Keyboard Mechanical
Gaming Keyboard
Razer BlackWidow Chroma features Chroma Backlighting, 10 key roll-over anti-ghosting, and fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording. Only $162.75
Gaming Mouse Laser Gaming
Corsair Vengeance M65 features profile storage, selectable response time, adjustable weight system, and unibody aluminum body. Only $64.99 $59.00
Gaming Headset Turtle Beach
Gaming Headset
Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 is an amplified stereo headset is sure to take your play to another level with awesome Turtle Beach sound and comfort for hours of play. Only $75.00
Internal HDD Today's drives are faster, quieter, and higher-capacity for less. Upgrade now and convert your original drive to external storage for easy data transfer and backup!
3.5-inch Drives 3.5-inch Drives up to 8.0TB Click to See All 3.5" from $33.50 Upgrade and repurpose your factory drive as external storage for easy data transfer & continued use. 3.5" Enclosure Kits from $13.88 2.5-inch Drives 2.5-inch Drives up to 2.0TB Click to See All 2.5" from $39.00 Upgrade and repurpose your factory drive as external storage for easy data transfer & continued use. 2.5" Enclosure Kits from $13.51
Hard Drive 2.5" HGST 500GB 5400RPM
Travelstar Z5K500 Hard Disk Drive
High-performance, high-capacity mobile storage for notebook PCs and other applications. Only $44.99
Hybrid Drive 2.5" Toshiba 1.0TB Hybrid SSD/HDD
The Perfect Performance & Capacity 'Hybrid'
Delivers SSD-like performance and responsiveness by combining NAND flash and innovative, self-learning algorithms. Only $149.99 $89.74
Toshiba 3.5" Toshiba 1.0TB 7200RPM
with 32MB Cache
Desktop/Tower Hard Drive Drive
Testing consistently shows that Seagate Laptop SSHDs compare favorably to SSDs-without sacrificing capacity. Now $129.99 $52.99
with 3 Year Warranty
Toshiba 3.5" Toshiba 5.0TB 7200RPM
with 128MB Cache
Desktop/Tower Hard Drive Drive
A convenient and reliable way to upgrade every major brand of desktop computer. Now $209.99 $164.99
with 3 Year Warranty
Everyday Accessories
Aple Genuine USB Genuine Apple
Power Adapters
From $19.00 $10.51
Power2U NewerTech Power2U The in-wall solution for power and charging USB devices. As low as $29.95 $19.00
New Models!
USBcharger Dual Port USB Car Charger Charge up to two devices simultaneously in your vehicle fast and efficiently with up to 3.1A combined output. Now $19.99 $12.79
NewerTechMAXPower NewerTech MAXPower USB Wireless Adapter 802.11n/g/b Wireless Network USB Adapter for Mac and PC. The easiest way to add 2.412GHz~2.484GHz wireless connectivity to ANY computer! Only $39.95 10.75! via mini-DVI Connect Displays
via Mini-DVI
With NewerTech Mini-DVI to DVI, HDMI, and VGA cables From $10.79
via Mini DisplayPort DVI, HDMI, VGA to Mini DisplayPort & Thunderbolt Adapters Connect displays with the right high-quality adapter! Shielded by newertech From $11.75
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Just Mobile Just Mobile Gum++
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OWC Slim OWC Slim
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