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Matias One Keyboard Matias One Matias One Keyboard Only $99.95 $27.74! 21.5 in iMac Apple iMac 2.8GHz i7
with Thunderbolt!
802.11n, Blutooth & More From $1799.00 $874.74!!!
Used Macs Used Macs From $599.00 $279.00!
USB 3.0 hub ConnectLand 4-Powered USB 3.0 Hub Plug & Play up to 4 SuperSpeed Drives/Devices! $32.99 only $17.76! Edifier Tick Tock Clock Edifier Tick Tock Clock $79.99 only $10.74! CyberPower Inverter Charge Laptops and iDevices While Traveling This mobile power inverter plugs into 12v outlets in cars, trucks, or planes to provide power via 2 power outlets and 1 USB port. $59.95 only $17.76
for readers!
Toshiba Hard Drive 2.0TB 7200RPM HDD SATA 3.0 High-Performance 2 Year Toshiba Warranty $179.95 only $87.74! ThunderBay OWC ThunderBay IV Thunderbolt for 4 Drives
Blazing Fast up to 895MB/s!
0GB, add your own drives
Now for $499.99 $397.74 ThunderBay
HGST Hard Drive 4.0TB 7200RPM HDD SATA 3.0 High-Performance
3 Year HGST Warranty
$289.99 only $177.60!
USB Cables Premium
Lightning Cables
Long Lasting, Braided Design
Made for the iPhone – Apple Approved
5 Year Warranty by NewerTech
0.5M, 1.0M, 2.0M, 3.0M
Multiple Color options
From $14.99 $8.74
Power2U Power2U 15A, 20A & colors now available! 2 or more now
$24.99 $17.74 each!
Aple Genuine USB Genuine Apple
AC to USB Power Adapters
From $19.00 $14.74
Schosche HiFi Noise Reduction Erbds Scosche Premium
Hi-Fidelity EarBuds
Comfortable clean, accurate sound with brilliant highs, silkys smooth mids, & powerful bass. $24.99 $4.74!*
NuGuard KX Case NewerTech NuGuard KX
Cases for iPhone/iPad
Choices for Colors & Models From $49.99 $17.76 Sizzlers
Cases NewerTech Snuglet Helps prevent accidental disconnection of MagSafe 2 connections. Installs quickly, stays installed, & is easy to remove. $19.00 only $14.74 for readers! Includes 2 Snuglets + 1 Removal Tool
240GB OWC Electra 6G SSD 240GB OWC Electra 6G Performance SSD up to 556MB/s Sustained! $194.99 $127.74 OWC Qx2 OWC Mercury Elite Qx2 FireWire 800 / USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / eSATA
Hardware RAID 0/1/5/10/
0GB Kit $299.99 $217.76!
Solutions up to 24.0TB
from $474.00
480GB OWC Electra 6G SSD 480GB OWC Electra 6G Performance SSD up to 556MB/s Sustained! $499.99 $274.74
NewerTech StoraDrive NewerTech StoraDrive Organize and store your drives safely when not in use. $19.99 $14.99 now $7.74! NewerTech Voyager NewerTech Voyager NewerTech Voyager 'Q' FW800-USB 3.0/2.0-eSATA
$89.99 $67.74
'S3' USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
$49.95 $34.74
Parallels Desktop 9 Parallels Desktop 9
for Mac
The #1 choice of OWC customers to run Windows and Mac applications
side-by-side, without rebooting.
As low as $79 $35 with Purch!
Spare Charger Spare USB Charger At this price, never be without! Original Retail $24.99 –
Now $0.74!
Solar Blub Nokero Crestone
Solar Light Bulb
Light $14.00 only $11.74!
Elgato Elgato Video Capture Easily convert video from VCR, Camcorder, etc to Mac/iDevice! Only $99.95 $77.74!
Got Your 6 Got Your 6 100% of the proceeds of this special Pin goes to! OWC is a proud Sponsor of GotYour6. Only $6.00! – Made in the USA by Vets! NuGuard KXs NuGuard KXs Available for for iPads, iPhones, & S4 From $14.99 Now $7.74
Case Friendly Versions too!
Cleaning System Bausch + Lomb
Clens Cleaning System
Clens tissues, spray & polishing cloth provide streak-free cleaning for multi-touch display Apple products. Now from $3.74! Up to 87.5% off!
GripBase Podium NewerTech
GripBase Podium
For iPad 1/2/3/4 & all Mini models
(all iPads excluding Air)
Now $59.95 Now $44.74
NuGuard Keyboard Cover NuGuard
Keyboard Covers
Protect against dust, dirt, spills + add style with comfort Multiple Colors
$19.99 $4.74 to 5.74!
NuGuard Snap-Ons NuGuard Snap-Ons Add Color, Personality and Protection to your MacBook Air or Retina! Sizzlers from $39.95
Now $14.74
Buffalo 1TB Thunderbolt + USB 3.0 Buffalo Bus-Powered Portable with all Cables Included $269.99 $174.74 Hybrid Bundle 1.0TB SSD/HD Hybrid 2.5" Mini/Laptop Upgrade Bundle
Drive w/USB 3.0 Enclosure & Tools
Transfer/Upgrade + New External
Now $121.49 $97.74
miniStack Classic miniStack Classic 0GB Kit Add your own drive up to 4TB
FireWire 800 + USB 2.0
+ Built in USB Hub!
0GB Kit now $64.99 34.74!
ElitePro ElitePro 2.0TB 7200RPM FireWire 800+USB 3.0
High-Performance Plug & Play
$192.99 $167.74
OWC On the Go 1.0TB 7200RPM Portable
OWC On-The-GoPro
FireWire 800+USB 3.0
Bus-Powered Plug & Play
Now $164.99 $147.74
Elgato Bus-Powered 120GB Thunderbolt SSD
Elgato Bus-Powered
with Thunderbolt Cable Included $299.99 Now $174.74!
3.5 Enclosure 3.5 Enclosure USB 3.0 External 3.5" Enclosure, Just the included USB cable is worth more! And this is an entire external enclosure! Only $39.00 $0.74!!!** OWC Value Line Slim OWC Slim Portable
Read, Write, Re-Write – Blu-ray, DVD, CDs, and more! Portable, Bus-Powered, Plug & Play USB 2.0 $129.95 $74.74
All these and more online through Sunday or while Supplies Last!
Essential Accessories
Power2u NewerTech Power2U Power2U is the convenient and energy-efficient in-wall solution for powering and charging USB devices.

– No "plug barriers"
– Accessible AC/USB integrated design
– Charge up to 4 devices simultaneously
Choose from four designer colors – as low as $24.99 $17.74 each! Power2u Reviews
NewerTech GripStand NewerTech
NuGuard GripStand
Perfect protection with a 360° swiveling kickstand for iPad 2, 3, and 4. Only $34.95 $25.00!
GripBase Podium NewerTech
GripBase Podium
Floor stand podium for
iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, Air, and mini.
Only $59.95 $44.74!
Dry-All Dry-All
Wet Emergency Kit
Absorb all of the moisture in your wet phone or tablet quickly. Kits from $14.50! up to 52
mini DVI Connect displays
via mini-DVI
with NewerTech mini-DVI to DVI, HDMI, and VGA cables From $10.79 up to 52
Mini Display Port Connect Displays to
Mini DisplayPort on Macs
Mini DisplayPort to
From $11.85 up to 53
Microfiber NewerTech
Microfiber Wipe
Microfiber For $2.99 Microfiber
OWC On-The-Go OWC Mercury On-The-Go FireWire 800+USB 3.0 | USB 3.0 Pocket Sized, Shock Resistant, Bus Powered
High-Speed up to over 400MB/s Sustained!
500GB to 1.5TB from $77.00
1.0TB 7200RPM $129.99 $117.00 for Readers!
OWC ElitePro mini OWC ElitePro mini FireWire 800+USB 3.0 | USB 3.0 | USB 3.0+eSATA Sleek, Rugged, Bus-Powered Pocket-Size
High-Speed up to over 400MB/s Sustained!
500GB to 2.0TB from $79.50 2.0TB $179.99 $165.00 for Readers!
OWC Mercury Elite OWC Mercury ElitePro Firewire 800 + USB 3.0 'SuperSpeed' Quality, Speed, Flexibility 1.0TB to 5.0TB from $139.50 4.0TB 7200RPM $279.00 for Readers ElitePro Dual OWC ElitePro Dual FireWire 800+USB 3.0 Up to 242MB/s Plug & Play RAID 1.0TB to 10.0TB from $219.00 6.0TB 7200RPM $399.99 $375.00 for Readers!
Buffalo Ministation Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt Thunderbolt / USB 3.0 Easy plug and play, bus-powered storage featuring Thunderbolt technology for unparalleled transfer speeds and a USB 3.0 port for universal connectivity. 1.0TB $269.99 $174.74 for Readers!
NewerTech miniStack miniStack FireWire 800 / USB 3.0 / eSATA 1.0TB to 4.0TB 1.0TB $169.99 now $139.00! NewerTech miniStack NewerTech miniStack From $119.99 $109.50 NewerTech miniStack MAX miniStack MAX FireWire 800 / USB 3.0 / eSATA 1.0TB to 5.0TB 1.0TB + Blu-ray/DVD/CD RW
now only $314.99 $299.00
NuGuard KX
KX for iPhone 5/5S or 4/4S for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S from $25.00 Available colors: Avail colors KX for iPhone 5C for iPhone 5C only $25.00 Available colors: Avail colors KX for Samsung Galaxy S4 for Samsung Galaxy S4 only $29.00 Available colors: Avail colors KX for iPad Air or mini for iPad mini only $37.50 for iPad Air only $47.50
NuGuard KX
KXs screen armor NuGuard KXs Screen Armor Available in "case-friendly" or "full-screen" sizes. Triple-layered for incredible impact protection that is easy to apply,
and won't bubble or yellow over time.
from $9.99 for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S/5C, and Samsung Galaxy S4
"Perfect screen protector" 5 stars — OWC Customer
hammer test KXs beats the hammer test 20 ft drop iPhone can take a 20 Foot Drop Down the Stairs Air survives the stairs
OWC Mercury Electra 6G SSD Designed to unleash the full Serial ATA 6Gb/s capabilities of 2011 and later iMac, Mac mini, and MacBookPro Apple models.
120GB $119.99 $77.00
240GB $199.99 $127.74
480GB $359.99 $274.74
OWC Mercury Electra 3G SSD Created to provide the maximum performance for MacBook, MacBookPro, Mac mini, and iMacs from 2010 and prior. Also great for newer Macs too.
120GB $114.99 $75.00
240GB $194.99 $124.74
480GB $354.99 $264.74
960GB $749.99 $629.00
OWC Aura
OWC Aura / Aura Pro SSDs
for Air
120GB from $99.95 $95.00
240GB from $179.99 $159.00
480GB from $299.99 $299.00
OWC Aura / Aura Pro SSDs
for Retina
240GB from $179.99 $159.00
480GB from $299.99 $299.00
Complete kits with: installation tools + envoy enclosure for reusing the original drive from $119.00
Mercury Accelsior OWC Mercury
Accelsior PCIe SSD
Built for the most demanding needs of video,
audio, and creativepros.
480GB now $529.00 See all models 120GB to 960GB
From $299.00
Sapphire HD Sapphire HD 7950
Graphics Card
Mac Edition video card supercharges Photoshop,
GPU based tasks, and more!
Up to 7x faster vs GT120 standard in most 2009 MacPro models Up to 1.9x faster vs 5770 standard in most 2010/2012 MacPro models $457.50 for Readers!
Archve and Share by Disc Whether loading new software, sharing video, watching & archiving, etc –
Adding an optical drive is easy from OWC!
OWC MercuryPro OWC MercuryPro for High-Performance, Professional Needs
Read/Write/Burn Blu-ray up to 16X
+ DVD/CD Read/Write/Playback
FireWire 800/400 + USB 3.0/2.0
Now $199.99 $165.00
or $339.98 $212.50 with
Toast 11 Titanium w/HD Plug-in
OWC Slim Bus-Powered OWC Slim Bus-Powered Great for Home, Office, & On The Go
Read/Write/Playback up to 8X
Plug & Play via USB 2.0
Blu-ray Reader + DVD DL/CD
Reader/Writer $79.95
Blu-ray + DVD DL + CD Reader/Writer
now $129.95
All OWC Mercury and Slim Externals include full versions of Prosoft Data Backup 3
and Smile On Mac Disc Labeling Software – a combined $84.95 retail value!
OWC Memory = Faster Mac: 8GB from $99.75 Easy OnlineGuide, Installation Videos – Top Quality, Certified for Mac w/ Lifetime Warranty
MacPr 2010 memory upgrades MacPro 2008 up to 64GB
MacPro 2009–2014 up to 128GB!
16.0GB From $164.00 32.0GB From $319.00 64.0GB From $725.00
Memory: Apple iMac
For iMacs
Memory: Apple Mac mini
Mac mini
Memory: MacBook MacBookPro
MacBookPro & MacBook
Up to 32.0GB Max 16.0GB Kits Now from $199.00 32.0GB Kits Now from $397.50 8.0GB Kits Now from $99.75 4.0GB Kits Now from $52.00 Up to 16.0GB Max 16.0GB Kits Now from $199.00 12.0GB Kits Now from $143.50 8.0GB Kits Now from $99.75 4.0GB Kits Now from $52.00 Up to 16.0GB Max 16.0GB Kits Now from $199.00 12.0GB Kits Now from $143.50 8.0GB Kits Now from $99.75 4.0GB Kits Now from $54.50
Our Easy to use OnlineGuide makes it Point & Click Easy to
Select What's Right for Your Mac!
OWC Memory Makes the Difference for Reliable, High-Performance Operation.
+ OWC Memory Rebates help yousave even more when upgrading
Thunderblt Centrl In stock for the MacPro 2013 and all 2011 & later Thunderbolt equipped Macs! Thunderbolt
Thunderbolt Cables 0.5M and up to 30 Meters (100 Feet!) From $26.79 Multi-Interface
Now from $197.99
Dedicated Thunderbolt Adapters to FireWire 800 and eSATA From $35.99 External Drives and Enclosures
up to 8 Bays
From $174.74
Elite Pro Dual-Drive Thunderbolt RAID – Sustained Data Rates up to 389MB/s! Fast, Flexible RAID-0/1/SPAN/Independent up to 10.0TB from $259.00
View All Thunderbolt OWC Knows Storage Great savings on internal drives – while supplies last!
3.5in 4.0 HDD 4.0TB 3.5" 7200RPM HDD $279.99 now $177.60! 2.5in 1.0TB HDD 1.0TB 2.5" 7200RPM HDD $179.95 now $89.00! 2.5in 1.0TB Hybrid 1.0TB 2.5" SSD/HDD Hybrid $199.99 now $89.00!
See more featured
3.5" Drives
from $53.00
See more featured
2.5" 1.0TB Drives
from $69.00
Check out our full selection of Hard Drives from $33.79
OWC Exclusive 90-Day Replacement Program If your new drive experiences issues within 90 days of purch,
we'll replace it with a brand new unit from stock!
OWC DIY Kits Has everything needed to transfer data, and make the original drive a new external! DIY
OWC DIY Kits for MacBook, MacBookPro, and Mac mini make Drive Upgrades Easy!
  • Faster, Quieter, and/or Higher Capacity Internal Drive
  • 5 Piece Installation Tool Kit
  • Bus-Powered Enclosure for your existing Drive
Complete Bundles with up to 1.5TB from $59.00
1.0TB SSD/HD Hybrid from $94.74 1.0TB 5400RPM from $79.75 1.0TB 7200RPM from $94.74
120GB Solid State Drive from $89.00 240GB Solid State Drive from $147.00 480GB Solid State Drive from $283.00
Complete Kits – Everything You Need for your Upgrade + turning that existing drive into a
bus-powered external for continued use for backup, additional data storage, etc, etc!
View all OWC DIY kits!
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