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Great Tech Deals
DIY Bundle
DIY Bundle: 1.0TB 2.5" HDD, Drive Enclosure, and Toolkit Upgrade any 2.5-inch based computer’s HDD to 1.0TB and reuse the original drive as an external with the OWC Express USB 3.0 drive enclosure. Only $215.69 $79.75 You save $135.94 / 74% today!
toshiba 3tb
3.0TB 3.5-Inch 7200RPM Toshiba HDD Delivers high-performance, high-capacity, and power-efficiency and provides up to 16% idle power savings over the previous generation. Only $149.99 $84.99 You save $65 / 43% today!
elite pro
OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual Performance RAID Enclosure Features two hard drive bays easily configured in multiple RAID modes at the flick of an easy-access switch. Integrates seamlessly into any work environment, from high-demand production studios to your home office. Only $99.95 $84.99 You save $14.96 / 15% today!
mba battery
NewerTech NuPower Battery for 13" MacBook Air 2010 – 2015 Restore your Air's wireless power capability to perform like new with a high-quality, built-to-last battery replacement from NewerTech. Only $99.00 $87.99 You save $11.01 / 12% today!
On-The-Go Pro
60GB SSD OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro Small, portable, affordable, and OWC SSD fast. This is the perfect project drive with the right amount of space to store thousands of photos and hours of video. Backup your shoot in a flash. 60GB SSD Only $99.95 $84.99 You save $14.96 / 15% today!
Elite Pro
OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini Bus-Powered Enclosure Add your choice of 2.5-inch SSDs or HDDs, select RAID 0, RAID 1, Span, or independent drive modes, and your off to the races with one fast portable drive designed to easily fit in any gear bag or backpack. Only $99.95 $79.99 You save $19.96 / 20% today!
250GB OWC Neptune 2.5-Inch SSD Designed to bring new life to your Mac or PC, Neptune increases speed and capacity without breaking the bank. Up to 495MB/s 250GB SSD only $84.99 $74.99 You save $10 / 12% today!
Electra 6G
250GB OWC Mercury Electra 6G SSD Delivers the latest in flash NAND and controller technology for long-lasting and power-efficient performance. Up to 522MB/s + 90,000 IOPS 250GB SSD only $109.99 $87.50 You save $22.49 / 21% today!
Supercharge Your Mac with OWC SSDs Built for Mac first, and built to be the best for your Mac.
5 Stars "$200 upgrade worth $1000" "Older MacBook Pro with a 5400 RPM hard drive. So slow … it was almost unusable.
Installed this SSD and now it screams. About as fast now as my newer MacBook Pro."
– OWC Customer, Florida, USA
MacBook Pro OWC SSD Upgrades Swap out a hard drive for an amazing performance boost, or upgrade an SSD-based model to massive capacity. 500GB From $189.99 $154.75 Up to 2.0TB from $42.75 Kits come with all the tools plus an external to reuse the original drive.
Aura SSD
Mac Pro OWC SSD Upgrades Add up to 4x the max SSD capacity of current Mac Pros, or use the 4 drive bays in Mac Pro towers to achieve next-level performance and capacity. Mac Pro tower SSD SALE!
From $729.99 $599.77 You save $130.22 / 18% today! Add up to 4.0TB in Mac Pro 1.0TB from $599.99 $534.99
iMac OWC SSD Upgrades Swap out the hard drive for up to 92x faster performance, or add an SSD as a second internal drive. Free install videos guide your upgrade step-by-step. Complete upgrade kits with all the tools needed to upgrade Starting at $66.75 Up to 2.0TB from $43.99
MacBook Air OWC SSD Upgrades Don’t let a small SSD hold you back. Go bigger and up to 5x faster than the original SSD. 240GB From $159.99 $139.99 Up to 2.0TB from $86.99 Kits come with all the tools plus an external to reuse the original drive.
mini SSD
Mac mini OWC SSD Upgrades Swap out the hard drive for a dramatic performance boost, or add an SSD as a fast second drive. 250GB SSD SALE Only $109.99 $87.50 You save $22.49 today! Kits come with all the tools plus an external to reuse the original drive.
2.0TB Micron 2.5-inch SSD Finally! A huge SSD at a not so huge price! Slim 7mm makes for easy Mac, rack, and drive upgrades. Only $669.99 $374.99 You save $295 / 45% today!
2.5-inch OWC SSDs for Macs, Racks, and Externals
250GB from $74.99 500GB from $133.99 1.0TB from $279.99 2.0TB from $549.75
Out of This World Savings on Macs and iPads! New, Apple refurbished, and certified used models added daily!
Hurry, popular models go fast!
MacBook Pro Retina
BIG SALE: Save $525 today! Apple 1 Year Warranty / New / Open Box MacBook Pro w/Touch Bar & Retina display. Quad-Core i7 processor / 512GB SSD / 16GB Memory / Thunderbolt 3
FREE Parallels ($79.95 value!) + $100 off 12-Port OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock
iMac From $119.00
MacBook Pro From $429.00
MacBook From $999.00
MacBook Air From $519.00
Mac Pro From $1,049.00
Mac mini From $449.00
All Macs $299+ come with Parallels Desktop 13 FREE!
OWC Optical Drives Optical media is still one of the best and most cost effective
long-term storage options.
portable optical
Portable External
Optical Drives
Great portable optical drives for life on the go. Easy to hide away when not in use. From $34.99
Enclosure only $29.99 $21.99
desktop optical
Desktop External
Optical Drive
Desktop optical drives are built for day-to-day robust usage. The perfect choice for all of your burning needs. From $99.00 $67.77
Enclosure only $69.99 $49.00
internal optical
Internal Optical Drives Upgrade Your Mac Pro tower with the latest desktop class optical drive with Blu-ray and M-DISC capabilities, or update an optical drive equipped Mac. From $22.99
OWC Memory = Faster Mac Premium quality, rigorously OWC Lab tested, and backed by OWC’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty.
trade-in Trade in your memory for cash videos OWC step-by-step install video guides
Upgrade to Stellar MacBook Pro Performance New lower prices on certified DIY OWC memory upgrades up to 16GB
MacPr memory
8GB kits from $67.99 12GB kits from $107.99 16GB kits from $137.99 See All Memory for Mac Laptops
imac memory
Up to 64GB for iMac 16GB now from $137.99 Free Shipping*
DIY Memory Install
Lifetime OWC Limited Warranty
mac mini memory
Up to 16GB for Mac mini 8GB now from $67.99 Free Shipping*
DIY Memory Install
Lifetime OWC Limited Warranty
Up to 128GB for
Mac Pro
24GB now from
$146.97 $129.75
Free Shipping*
DIY Memory Install
Lifetime OWC Limited Warranty
imac pro memory New! OWC Memory Upgrade Program for iMac Pro Max out your memory with up to 128GB. From $949.00
All OWC Memory meets or exceeds factory specs and comes backed with an OWC Lifetime Advanced Replacement Warranty. Buy, save, and upgrade with confidence!
Hard Drive Deals It's never been more affordable to add terabytes of storage!
HGST 2.5" HDDs Up to: 7200RPM / 32MB Cache / 3 Year HGST Warranty / 7mm 500GB from $129.95 $32.75 640GB from $59.00 $42.99 1.0TB from $159.95 $54.99
Toshiba 3.5" HDDs Up to: 7200RPM / 64MB Cache / 5 Year Toshiba Warranty 1.0TB from $99.95 $47.99
2.0TB from $179.95 $55.75
4.0TB from $249.99 $104.75
5.0TB from $234.99 $138.88
6.0TB from $349.99 $147.50
Seagate 3.5" Drive Specials 1.0TB only $54.99
2.0TB only $79.99
3.0TB only $99.99
4.0TB from $112.99
Up to 12TB
DIY Drive Upgrade Kits
imac kits
iMac Drive Upgrade Kits Upgrade your iMac's main drive to a larger HDD or a super fast OWC SSD, or install an extra drive in your iMac's SSD bay. Install Kits start Only $49.50
diy bundle
2.5" DIY Drive Upgrade Kits for Mac mini and Mac Laptops We make upgrading your drive DIY easy. Free install videos, tools, and an enclosure to reuse the original drive. Kits up to 2.0TB From $74.98 $37.99
data doubler
Add a Second Drive Inside Mac mini, Mac Laptops, and iMac Swap out you Mac’s optical drive, or take advantage of an available drive bay to add a second drive inside your Mac. Kits start at $59.99 $23.75
Thunderbolt Central
Thunderbolt 3 Dock
OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock 12-ports of connectivity. Easily connect to any device. Now for Mac and Windows. Only $289.00 Simply the Best Dock for Thunderbolt 3
OWC ThunderBay 4 A huge pro favorite. Install your choice of SSDs or HDDs into 4 drive bays, select the desired RAID level, and you have one amazing drive that’s configurable for any project or data need. Thunderbolt 2 and Thunderbolt 3 Enclosure from $379.99 16TB from $948.75
tb 3 cbls
OWC Thunderbolt 3
(USB-C) Cables
Premium quality cables made to the highest standards to deliver data transfer speeds up to 40Gb/s and power delivery up to 60W and long cable runs. Available 0.5M – 2M From $24.99 $18.99
Thunderbolt 2 Dock Also Available! ›
Looking for Thunderbolt 2 cables? ›
External Drives + Drive Access
OWC Mercury
On-The-Go Pro
Protective skeleton design showcases the inner workings of this high-performance, go anywhere, portable drive. USB 3.0
120GB to 2.0TB
From $64.99 $54.99
elite pr dual
OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual w/ Thunderbolt 2 Dual-drive hardware RAID perfect for creative workflows, archives, and backups. Configurable in RAID 0, 1, span, or independent mode. Thunderbolt 2 / USB 3.1
2TB – 24TB
From $449.99 $397.50 Drive Enclosure only $249.50
NewerTech Voyager Great for production workflows and service desks. Access bare 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives and SSDs. USB 3.0/2.0 Only $49.95 $29.99
Make the Connection
lightning cables
NewerTech Premium Lightning Cables Built-to-last and available in multiple colors and lengths. TIP: Short lengths are perfect for Apple CarPlay 0.5 – 3.0 Meters From $17.95 $11.75
Great Deals on Display Adapters Connect to displays, TVs, and projectors with ease. Only $24.99 $9.95
USB Type-C Cable
OWC USB Type-C Cable The perfect cables for USB-C based production workflows and data needs for today and beyond. 0.5 – 1.8 Meter From $19.99 $13.88
Essential Software Utilities
Run Windows on Your Mac with Parallels Desktop 13 Use Mac and Windows applications side-by-side. Launch and access Windows applications right from the Dock. Only $99.99 $79.95
softraid lite
SoftRAID Lite – Up to 86% Faster Than AppleRAID Create RAID 0 and RAID 1 arrays for faster speed or data redundancy + amazing drive monitoring options. Only $49.00 $37.50
roxio toast
Roxio Toast 16 Titanium Capture audio and video from your computer, the web, camcorders, LPs, tapes and more. Only $99.99
FREE with Mac purchase of $299+ ›
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